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Heat Treatment

On-site and off-site post weld heat treatment (PWHT) and weld preheating for pressure vessels, structural steel, tank plates, nozzles and pipes.

In general, heat reatment is a combination of heating and cooling operations applied to a metal or alloy in the solid state to obtain desired conditions or properties.

The main purpose of heat treating is to change the mechanical properties, usually ductility, hardness, yield strength, or impact resistance.

Our company provides heat treatment services such as stress relieving, normalizing and re-crystallization annealing to suit with client specifications and requirements. The method statements and safe procedures are prepared for every specific works to meet customer requirement in terms of safety, quality, productivity and cost effectiveness.


  • Preheating (Site/Shop)

  • Post-heating (Site/Shop)

  • PWHT (Site/Shop/Furnace)

  • Annealiong/Normalizing

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